About us

Punjab is the land of Five Rivers and the land of the oldest civilisation in the world ‘the Indus valley civilization’ . Perhaps, it would be appropriate to call it the Land of Plenty!!

The fertility of its fields and the richness of its dairy have been the envy of the subcontinent.

Punjab is famous for its adventurous, outgoing, eat well-drink well Punjabis. The emphasis has traditionally been on robust food, prepared with the simplest of ingredients and the simplest of basic techniques. Punjab – this side of the border or that – is situated at the crossroads of Silk Route. This allowed the Punjabis – Sikh, Hindu and Muslims – to imbibe diverse culinary influence. They tasted the best of the rest before anyone else on the subcontinent. The proximity with Persia, Afghanistan and Central Asia gave them a taste for fresh and dried fruits and exotic nuts.

Jinney Punjab NahinWekheya, Au Janamaya Hi Nahin.

He who has not seen Punjab has not lived at all”

As Sanjha enters its Sixth year, the Punjabi Indian Restaurant & Takeaway situated in the Heart of Shirley in Southampton continues to be Intrumental in changing the perception of authentic punjabi food delivered to your doorstep.
Amar Randhawa, a hotel management graduate from Chandigarh, India is the proprietor and the mind behind opening the first authentic Punjabi takeaway in Southampton which has gradually grown in Sanjha Restaurant & Takeaway and Launched Brand New Sanjha Event Management Ltd in 2012 .If you have any questions about authentic Punjabi food or want to book for a catering event he is the person to talk to.

Sanjha Restaurant is celebrating its 1st anniversary on 7th July